TimTim Schaffer, SPHR, President

Our Fearless Leader. Tim’s favorite part of the job is the time he gets to spend with clients. It lets him see things through their lens. With their vision in mind, Tim gets to create a puzzle that he brings to the subject matter experts here at HRi. We all solve the puzzle by creating and implementing solutions that make our clients better.

With five generations of employees in the workforce today, all of them with different motivators, the challenge of how to “care and feed” them all at the same time is daunting. How do you meet their needs so that they can meet their employer’s needs? Tim was recently reading a People magazine and realized that he recognized very few of the people featured in it prompting him to start thinking about the changing landscape of today’s workforce. Those of us in leadership positions need to listen to our younger employees and colleagues (as we do with our peers) – they bring a fresh and innovative perspective to the table and their ideas need to be considered and validated. As strategic HR Business Partners, we need to initiate and continue that conversation – we need to look to establish a connection with each of the generations in an effort to respond to and engage them better.

TriciaTricia Stock, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Chief Operating Officer

Second-in-Command. Tricia’s focus is making “compliance” a positive word instead of having a negative connotation. By allowing  HRi to worry about the tax and regulatory compliance issues, our clients are freed up to focus on the growth of their business. She  provides “Peace of Mind” by ensuring our clients that their businesses are compliant and not at risk.

Tricia enjoys speaking with clients on a consultative basis to assist them in the strategic management of their businesses. Many  business owners are focused on the growth of their company through sales but she brings their attention and focus into the  operations area so they understand that sales is just one part of the larger long-term strategic management initiative that will  potentially catapult their business into new markets with greater profit margins.

Tricia recently attended the NAPEO Legal and Legislative Conference in May. This past April, she was a panel speaker for the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council’s Workforce Development Forum where she discussed Driving Growth with Strategic People Practices.

MichaelMichael Leaf, Director of Technology & Innovation

Michael’s focus is to grow and enhance HRi’s technology and service delivery offerings. He is responsible for matching technologies to the problem being solved. He develops and executes a solution strategy and business plan that supports product growth and allows for multi-client implementation. Michael works tirelessly to translate cutting-edge technologies from different industries into the HR arena. He manages and coordinates the electronic onboarding and open enrollment experience, “Time and Labor” Managementprocess while focusing on future “HR-centric” trends related to applicant tracking and performance management systems. Michael is currently working on enriching our operating system, mobile operations applications, employee portal, electronic open enrollment, personality profile reporting, and online onboarding software.

ChrisChris Rutzebeck, Benefits Consultant

Chris is our resident insurance consultant. Do you have questions about your benefits program or need a check up? He is the one to call. Chris is currently an authorized insurance broker for the Federal Health Insurance Exchange as well as state exchanges in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, DC. He is currently preparing for the American Gear Manufacturers Association’s SRN Regional Event, where he will be speaking about demystifying the ACA and discussing its impact on small business.

StephanieStephanie Henshaw, Client Services Manager

Stephanie is our Client Services Manager, as well as one of our dedicated  “Specialists”. She serves as the primary point of contact for a number of our clients. She is responsible for payroll processing and benefit administration. Stephanie is diligently working on New Hire Enrollments, Benefits Enrollments, and updating client information.



Alanna McGuire, Client Services Specialist and Team Lead

Alanna is one of our dedicated Client Services Specialists. Alanna comes to us with a diverse background in payroll, accounting and customer service. Having finished our training program, she is currently working on building a relationship with a number of clients as their primary point of contact, and is responsible for payroll processing and benefits administration.

CaraCara Nicholson, HR Specialist

As our HR Specialist, Cara works closely with you on unemployment claims, hiring and terminations, compensation analyses, and other complex HR issues.


Selicia Brown, Client Services Specialist

Selicia is one of our dedicated Client Services Specialists. When you call, she is available to answer your questions directly. No waiting in a queue to be answered by the next available person. Selicia has a diverse background of payroll, benefits, and Human Resources experience.

KatKat Warrington, Client Services Specialist

Kat is one of our dedicated Client Services Specialists. When you call, she is available to answer your questions directly. No waiting in a queue to be answered by the next available person. Kat has a diverse background of payroll, benefits, and Human Resources experience.


AlisonAlison Lalla, 401(k) Administrator

Alison is our 401(k) subject matter expert. She can help you with preparing adoption agreements, designing customized plan options for your company, and assisting your employees with plan enrollment. Alison has successfully completed the the Annual Slavic 401(k) Compliance Course and the ASPPA Retirement Plan Fundamentals Course. She is also currently working on her Qualified 401(k) Administrator certification through the ASPPA.

JulieJulie Kramer, PHR, SHRM-CP, Workers’ Compensation & Risk Manager

Julie is our Worker’s Comp, Risk Management and overall workplace safety expert. Do you need help with your Worker’s Comp claims or implementing a safety program? She is the one you should talk to. Julie recently attended the NAPEO Legal and Legislative Conference as well as several other industry and legal seminars. Julie is currently working on an additional feature to our Workers’ Comp program to streamline the online process.

JoshJosh Sloane, Tax Specialist

Are you receiving letters from the IRS? Are you concerned about your local, state, and federal filings? Josh has the IRS on speed dial and can help you sort through the red tape. Josh is responsible for opening and maintaining local withholding accounts and filing 940 and 941 tax returns on behalf of our clients.


PatricKPatrick Cummings, Client Development Manager

Please join us in welcoming our newest member to the sales team, Patrick Cummings! Patrick works closely with our prospective clients to develop strategic partnerships. He can collaborate with you to figure out the best way to work with each other and offer the best benefits.