The Importance of Hiring Our Military Veterans

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Take a look around your office. Do you know if any of your coworkers are veterans? My guess is (and I'm not trying to be controversial) there are little or no military veterans working among you.

Why is this? Employers, as well as people in general, attach a certain stigma to veterans based on what they've experienced while in active duty. About one in three employers consider post-traumatic stress disorder to be an impediment to hiring a veteran.

Again, not to be controversial, but many hiring managers find it hard to understand how the skills of a veteran can apply to the job in question. Sure, they can look at a resume of someone with a Bachelor's degree and understand immediately how certain skills can be applied to a position, but many of us non-military folks have a difficult time understanding how the skill set of a veteran can be applied in a corporate culture.

In fact, a veteran's military skills are often easily translatable to a civilian job. Hire Heroes USA breaks it down for us:

• Veterans have the proven ability to quickly learn new skills and concepts
• They understand practical ways to manage and achieve goals in the most trying circumstances
• They understand the value of teamwork probably better than any of us can imagine
• They have worked respectfully and cooperatively alongside a diverse range of people
• They can accomplish tasks in a timely manner in spite of stress or adversity
• They understand how policies and procedures yield stability, safety and productivity
• The bring a global outlook and technological savvy necessary for success
• They have the ability to overcome challenges and obstacles through strength and determination

Did you know that when you hire a veteran, you may be able to receive a tax credit?

The 9/11 era generation of veterans has nearly double the national average of unemployment rates. Over the next 5 years, one million (more than those already currently separated) servicemen and women will separate from the military and return to civilian life. It is imperative that employers actively seek them out and truly consider veterans during the recruitment and hiring process. The first step is changing how people, namely employers, perceive and understand our veterans, which leads to bridging the "empathy gap" between civilians and veterans.

Civilians often perceive veterans as one of two things—superheroes or a charity case. The truth is that these are hardworking, loyal, experienced and capable people, and those traits are something all employers look for in a new hire.

Mandates like the Vietnam Era Veterans' Assistance Act prohibits discrimination against veterans and requires federal contractors to take affirmative steps to employ veterans.

As an employer, it is important to do your part in hiring and retaining our highly trained veterans, helping them to make the necessary transition to civilian life.

If you have any questions or would like further information on this subject, please give us a call at 410.451.4202.


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