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  • Supporting your Remote Employees
  • PEOs and their Importance to Businesses
  • How to be an Effective Supervisor

Supporting your Remote Employees

As the number of remote employees continues to increase, so does the acceptance of telecommuting.  During this era of life, employers are urged to learn how to provide support and encouragement to their remote employee’s needs.  This support and encouragement will motivate remote employees to be even more engaged and productive.  Over the course of 2 years, research studies have shown that productivity in telecommuters has increased by 13% and decreased turnover by 50%; and it is up to the employer to prioritize employee experience to continuously increase those numbers.

It seems employers are beginning to offer exceptional benefits to their remote employees to show their support too.  For example, some initiatives employers are adopting to attract and retain top talent include:

  • Housekeeping services for the employee’s entire home, not just the area used for work.

  • Cash bonuses for not checking email or doing anything work related while on vacation.

  • Reimbursements for the costs for relocating to more affordable areas.

The adoption of putting people first regardless of where they work and what capacity, will allow both the employer and the employee thrive.

PEOs and their Importance to You

What is a “PEO”? By definition, a PEO is a Professional Employer Organization that becomes the employer of record for tax purposes through filing payroll taxes under its own Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).  By using an HR company as your PEO, you and your business positively benefit.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should make the switch:

1. Save time on Human Resources (HR)

            By having a PEO Partnership, your time significantly frees up.  You no longer need to deal with HR responsibilities and risks such as, compliance upkeep, hiring and separation, and training!  With a PEO, they handle all of that for you!

2. Simplify your Payroll Administration

            You no longer need to process your own payroll.  With a single-sign on system, you’re able to enter your employee’s time, view payroll reports, company details, and more!  Your PEO then processes your time to translate into pay, all while up-keeping your deductions, check stubs, and W-2’s!

3. Increase Tax Administration Accuracy

            Since you’ll be listed under your PEO’s FEIN, tax filing and W-2’s just became easier.  On your behalf, your PEO will file your quarterly taxes, 941’s, and employee payroll taxes.

4. Benefit Brokerage under the “Same Roof”

            As a co-employer, your PEO can administer and offer you and your employees a wide-variety of benefits.  These benefits include Health, Dental, Vision, Ancillary Benefits (Life, STD, LTD), 401(k), COBRA, and more!  PEOs handle open-enrollments for your business, and ensure you receive the best care and information.

5. Peace of Mind Perspective

            Joining a partnership with a PEO can assist in relieving your company of the responsibilities and risks that come along with running a business or organization.  PEOs help you obtain and retain top talent, maintain compliance, and since they are a “one-stop-shop”, you’ll gain more time to focus on your business and your employee’s will have a single point-of-contact for information and questions.

Businesses that use a PEO grow faster and are less likely to fail.  That’s why 98% of PEO users would recommend one to their colleagues.  Human Resources inc. (HRi) can help power your business in the right direction. See how we can help save you time and money!

4 Tips: How to be an Effective Supervisor

Supervisors can either assist in bringing people together for the cause of an organization or contribute to complete rebellion.  Unfortunately, there seems to be no in-between, and consistency in these behaviors is more important than we think.  If there happens to be inconsistencies in managers, employers need to address the impact.

But how?

Provide Consistent Feedback

  • Recognizing positive feedback is easy but addressing corrective feedback can be quite the challenge.  Some supervisors may attempt to avoid these types of interactions, but they must realize they are necessary.  By avoiding constructive feedback, supervisors make it difficult to embed engagement across the spectrum when one of those groups may have a different quality of experience. The solution?
    • Hold bi-yearly workshops on how to give constructive feedback. This will help ensure your managers are equally equipped for these types of conversations

Engage your People

  • Supervisors and Managers who are fully engaged in their work and company are 213% more likely to have an engaged team.  So, it is highly recommended that companies engage managers and teach them how to engage others.  A great exercise to practice this (for managers and employees) is through ‘identity coaching’.  Identity coaching creates an environment of trust allowing individuals to ask deep questions that help them reflect on who they are and reinforce their strengths and potential.

Promote Fairness, Respect and Trust

  • When both fairness and respect don’t exist within a team, productivity stalls.  By showing fairness across the board regardless of background or diversity, employees begin to respect and trust their supervisor more.

Share your Energy with your Team

  • Good leaders are energetic and positive; but great leaders direct this positive energy towards other people and their team.  This ultimately pushes people to help them feel like they can accomplish goals they never thought of pursuing.

You don’t have to completely change who you are to lead others.  Take the skills you already have and add a few of these touches to really increase your employee engagement.  By doing so, you positively help the organization, your team, and in the long run – yourself.


We’re happy to announce and introduce our 3 new team members!

Amber Harris has joined HRi as our new Benefits Reconciliation Specialist! Amber will be working closely with our Benefits Department to ensure records are in agreement and match one another.

Gil Goodrich and Kim Willis have joined HRi’s Client Service Department! As Client Service Specialists, Gil and Kim will overlook multiple clientele accounts, and ensure the best possible customer service is provided.

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