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Employee Engagement Activities for You to Try

Employee engagement has become increasingly important as employers face more competition in the global, highly connected war for talent. So how do you figure out the best ways to boost engagement? What if you implement employee engagement activities that haven’t been fully thought through and end up doing more harm than good? Truly effective activities to increase employee engagement should feel genuine, never forced. More importantly, they should be available at every stage of the employee life cycle – during onboarding, in team meetings, as part of an employee’s professional growth, etc. In this blog, we provide some suggestions for activities designed to improve engagement as well as the ideal work environment in which to use them:

Company Trivia

For example, employees who correctly answer questions about essential company facts can win various prizes – coupons for the great lunch place nearby, company-branded office supplies or apparel, gift cards and so on.

Team Outings

Although this may be more difficult during these times, it’s important to not just focus on team building for specific segments of the company but also on bringing together members of different departments whenever possible. Hosting virtual happy hours are a great way to connect with other team members, and help boost engagement by creating an environment for these connections and emphasizing that the organization is a diverse collection of individuals.

Mentorship and Development Activities

Making sure that employees stay interested in their professional responsibilities, and feel that the company is invested in their professional growth, is equally important to keep them engaged. Setting up a mentorship program is a great activity that combines social engagement and professional growth.

Promoting wellness

There’s a clear correlation between employee wellness (physical, emotional and financial) and engagement. So, it makes sense for wellness programs and activities to be part of your company culture. These can include everything from virtual exercise classes to money management seminars that feature quizzes and games.

Don’t Forget Remote Staff

On a professional level, you can conduct regular employee feedback sessions with videoconferencing tools. Socially, using chat applications for casual conversation or having a virtual happy hour or team lunch may help deepen the connection between your remote and office employees.

Employee engagement starts on day one, or even before! Research from employee recognition solutions firm O.C. Tanner found that the vast majority (86%) of employees decide whether they’ll stay at a new job or leave the position for something else within the first three months of taking it. That’s a fairly short window for a company to showcase their worth. As such, it’s critical for you to start working on the engagement from the start.

HRi’s Online Onboarding

The first few days of an employee’s job are critical to setting them up for success. Unfortunately, new hire paperwork and formalities can bog down the process and lead to lower employee productivity and satisfaction. Human Resources inc.’s Employee Online Onboarding provides a simple, step-by-step process that can be completed on any device, from anywhere. Say goodbye to timely paper forms; and hello to a quick, easy and accurate process of capturing employee data.


Trends Currently Shaping our Health Care Issues:

We can calibrate our immune system to fight external threats more effectively.

Without a vaccine or herd immunity against COVID-19, cultivating a resilient immune system is critically important. Dr. Amit Sood discusses how to improve our body’s defense system on Strengthening Body and Mind Through Immune Resilience. It’s also important once a vaccine arrives so that we can have the best possible response.

We have the unique opportunity to re-examine our common assumptions and find a different, better path.

As the pandemic causes extreme disruption across the globe, it’s also enabling us to cultivate long-term changes that could create more productive, effective and enriching experiences for our employees, customers and families. Professor Mauro Guillén delves into the global changes that will alter the world as we know it on How the Pandemic is Accelerating the Future.

We can create value for the business by investing in employees even in uncertain and volatile times.

Twenty-eight years of data show a positive link between treating employees well and long-term stock returns – and these results are strong in both economic booms and recessions. Professor Alex Edman’s talks about this link in The Business Value of Prioritizing Purpose.

Where we live and what we look like influences COVID-19 outcomes.

The long-standing disparities in access to health care, including high-quality care, have been laid bare by the pandemic. Dr. Kavita Patel discusses the current challenges facing the U.S. health care system, along with the opportunities that lie ahead in Mending the Cracks in Health Care.

Our organizations have an emotional culture and that culture impacts business performance.

Research demonstrates that organizations with positive emotional cultures, such as those where caring, compassion and affection are paramount, have lower employee burnout and absenteeism, along with stronger teamwork and greater satisfaction. Dr. Mandy O’Neill examines the impact of our emotions on business in Recognizing and Managing Your Company’s Emotional Culture.

We make choices every day that affect our health, but those choices are defined by the attributes of the communities in which we live, work and play.

Until we address social determinants of health, we are undercutting our investments in health benefits and well-being programs. Dr. Brian Castrucci explains why good community health is good business in Understanding and Addressing Social Determinants of Health.

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Extending a Warm Welcome…

To our newest team member, Cindy Janicki. Cindy joins us as a Business Development Manager with an extensive background in Client Development, Leadership and Strategic Planning. We are so excited to have her as a part of HRi, and we can’t wait to watch her grow professionally!

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