Have you ever sat back and wondered if there are possible enhancements to your relationship with your workers? If so, please call us. The salient question we always ask is not what you want to do but what outcome you are trying to achieve. With that broader picture, we will be better equipped to review your options and make recommendations. The expertise of our staff can take a good staff and make it better or make a better staff the best. Count on us for feedback and opinions and to help when a second look can help fix something remedial.

Did you ever play the game telephone when you were a kid? You’ll recall how the original message changes with each person down the line. Often, the end result is vastly different than the initial content. When a worksite employee has an issue related to their employment, it is most efficient to hear from them directly. Over the years, we have learned we frequently need to dig deeper to get to the core issue, and we are more effective when information is not filtered through an intermediary. There is usually more to learn, and good questions won’t usually lead to an answer; they will lead to more questions. We will provide guidance so you can make informed decisions. As your trusted advisor, we will relate our thoughts with due confidentiality when appropriate.

Attached (via this link) is a one-pager with members from each department at HRi who have a day-to-day impact on your operations. We keep this list current on the www.hri-online.com website and the employee portal. The responsive service we strive to provide is based on an open office structure, so feel free to contact anyone at HRi, and they will get the proper person to assist you. In the aggregate, the HRi staff has hundreds of years of experience in human resources, and we are pleased to work with you.

Stay well, and we will keep information updated routinely,

Tim Schaffer

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