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“Transparency and Support. HRi is one of the best companies for communicating with clients.”

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HRi has captured “lightning in a bottle” with the professional and educated team they have established to serve their customers. We have established a true partnership with HRi to make our organization stronger and better, and the value and cost savings provided to our organization has helped us grow and keep our turnover rate low by investing those savings back into the staff.

—Mark Paepcke

The services provided, commitment to our employees and the support from every HRi employee allows my company to concentrate on our core services to the Federal Government while HRi delivers exceptional services to our employees and corporate office.

—Mike Marino

HRi has proven itself to be a client-focused company that manages all aspects of payroll and benefits in an extremely professional and accurate manner. They immerse themselves in their clients’ business operations, so they completely understand your business model. Employers need to know that their employees’ payroll and benefits programs are managed accurately and in a timely manner, and want a payroll and benefits company that is dependable. We found that HR company in HRi.

—Jeffrey Sventek