A PEO such as Human Resources, Inc., acts as your HR department, handling most of the complex, time-consuming HR tasks. Highly trained HRI professionals can perform many aspects of human resource management. This allows businesses to focus their resources on their products or services. This not only is more efficient and more economical; it also increases your productivity.
An ASO administers payroll, insurance, and benefits packages, provides human resources consulting and management, and HR guidance to employers. A company utilizing the services of an ASO continues to utilize its own tax ID number and its own Workers’ Compensation policy.
Yes. Part of our service is to deal with questions involving HR, including questions about state and federal laws as well as regulations regarding payroll, benefits, and insurance. Your employees will have their questions answered by one of our human resources professionals in Crofton, MD.
Gross income is the amount of money earned before deductions and other expenses. Net income is the amount of money employees take home.
Pay stubs are securely retained on the employee portal and are always available should you need them. While there is no need to print your pay stub each period, we strongly advise that you review your stub each pay period for accuracy. If caught timely, often errors can be easily corrected.
W2's reflect TAXABLE income only. This is your gross income, minus any pre-tax earnings, such as medical insurance premiums, 401k, and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) contributions. Please note that 401k is only pre-tax for Federal and State tax, not social security or Medicare.
Unfortunately, we here at HRi are not individual tax experts and cannot provide guidance as to how to complete your W4 or State elections forms. Following the worksheet provided with the forms can help and your elections can be adjusted at any time, should you feel your withholdings are too high or too low. When in doubt, consult with your personal income tax preparer.
Typically, if your pay date falls on a non-workday, your payroll will deposit on the business day before the normal pay date. Some businesses follow different schedules, however, so please consult with your company to confirm.
Changes can be made during open enrollment or within 30 days of any qualifying event. Carriers only allow 30 days for processing a change, so it is important that you notify us of an enrollment change as soon as possible or your carrier may not approve the request.
Insurance carriers and the IRS require that we report data in your name exactly as it is on record with the Social Security Administration. To ensure accurate processing, please submit a copy of your updated Social Security card or Passport.
If you did not receive your cards, please contact your dedicated client service specialist or the benefits team at HRi. We will be happy to verify your coverage, provide you with a temporary confirmation and order new cards for you. As a reminder, Guardian no longer mails cards for their Dental or Vision coverage. To access a copy of your cards, please go to www.guardiananytime.com and register for an account. Your group number can be found in your benefit package on the HRi employee portal.
If you are covered by a Short- or Long-term disability policy, please contact the HRi benefits team to receive instructions on how to file a claim. We can help provide you the necessary paperwork and initiate the process for you.
If you are outside of the new hire wait period, or open enrollment, benefits can only be elected if you have a qualifying life event. A qualified event is a change in your current situation such as marriage, having or adopting a child, or termination of your current health coverage. Should you have encountered a qualifying life event, you can obtain your benefit forms from your direct supervisor or your HRi client services specialist. Please note, proof of qualified life event will be necessary for your enrollment.
Go to www.slavic401k.com – Click the Enroll button on the top right-hand side – Enter your Social Security Number (without dashes) – Enter your Date of Birth.
To access your account online for the first time, go to www.slavic401k.com and click on "Log In" in top right-hand corner of the page – Then click on "Sign up for online account access" and provide the information required to verify your account and create your username and password.
After you have logged into your Slavic401k account go to the top of the screen click on My Portal. Click on Loan Request and then complete the Online Request information when prompted.
The state in which an employee works is the jurisdictional state for unemployment taxing purposes.
Yes. HRi will collect and remit taxes or assessments related to employer and/or employee state-mandated programs as well as the employee wages associated with those assessments.