While growing a successful company, you are constantly faced with decisions about where to best spend your time and how to most efficiently allocate resources. Even if you have some in-house HR talent, the burden on management is still significant, and the HR function is just not being accomplished as effectively as it should be. Worse yet, the costs tend to get buried in the financial statements rather than emphasized.

With HRi, our clients are able to truly concentrate on managing their core business – the aspects that generate revenue and increase profits – instead of overhead HR functions. Our services also provide them with additional benefits, such as better quality staff, reduced turnover, better morale and higher productivity. Overtime, clients cite our intimate relationship as a key strategic decision that contributes to their growth and success.
From Web Onboarding/Benefit Selection, Time and Labor Management tracking, Employee Handbooks to 401(k) plan administration to state and local tax filings and everything in between, our clients depend on us to help their organizations grow and stay ahead of the competition.