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  • The Impact of Happy Employees
  • HRi Company Update
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  • Did you Know?

5 Ways Happy Employees Impact Your Company

Starting at a new company doesn’t automatically mean workplace culture is guaranteed. As a matter of fact, building a solid workplace culture is something that requires full attention and a lot of work from company leaders. The first step? Making sure your company leaders are happy; because happy leaders make happy employees!

However, you may be asking, ‘but how does that effect workplace culture’? Well, happy employees are the first step to creating industry innovation and the attraction of other elite employees in the field. Hard to believe? Then look at these 5 facts you should know about the impact of happy employees:

1. Happy Employees are 12% more productive.

  • Research indicates when employees feel supported and encouraged, they are likely to collaborate more efficiently. For example, Google began to focus more on their employee’s happiness, and found an increase in productivity by 37%!

2. Incentives = Employee Motivation

  • By incorporating incentives, surveys show that 85% of employees feel more motivated. However, what incentives work best? Let’s look:

Money – 40%                  Free Vacation – 29%                 Extra PTO – 23%

3. Happy Employees means Less Turnover

  • When a company has a higher job satisfaction, and happier employees, they will see 71% less turnover. This decrease in turnover also saves on resources required for on-boarding new individuals.

4. They begin spending more time on the tasks at hand

  • A study found employees who are happy at their current workplace report being “on task” 80% of the time. Unhappy employees? Well, it was reported they were only “on task” 40% of the time, or 2 out of 5 days!

5. Unhappy employees rack up 50% more in Health Care

  • Why be mad, when you can be glad? Or less sick! In addition to emotional and physical strain, unhappy employees are more likely to get sick. Therefore, by ensuring your employees are happy – they can deal with everyday stress and take fewer sick days. Leaving more productivity for the company!

Are your employees happy? Not sure? Let us help! HRi offers existing and potential clients the option to survey their employees, or conduct stay interviews! Contact us and see how you can increase your company’s productivity!

Company Update!

On June 7th, we participated in a company-wide team-building event! We spent the day engaging in activities that incorporated verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as team performance and leadership. We even finished the day on a giant swing! However, we’ll keep those videos and pictures to ourselves. Thanks to Terrapin Adventures, we learned that we are innovative thinkers, and work in harmony with one-another.

It is necessary to incorporate team-building into your workplace. As discussed in last month’s newsletter, there are many ways to include team-building; some in which you don’t even need to leave the office!

Leaping into the New Year

In 2020, February is lucky enough to be extended for one day! That’s right next year will be a leap year. We know what you’re thinking, ‘Okay, so? It’s about a year away – it’s not effecting me now’. However, that’s not the case. We are over halfway through 2019, and next year’s budgets are beginning to develop. Depending on when and how employees get paid, companies should take this extra day in consideration to their 2020 budgets. Especially since an extra day may accompany an extra payday in the calendar year.

Did You Know?

Please help us extend a warm welcome to our newest team member, Heather Dunkerly. Heather joins us as a Business Development Manager with an extensive background in Management, Coaching, and Leadership. We are so excited to have her on board, and we can’t wait to watch her grow professionally!