Hassle-free HR technology Built-In.

Our HR Technology is built for Scalability:

Timer on  desk.

  • Time and Labor Management
  • Electronic Paid Time Off Request Management
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Performance Management
  • Electronic New Hire Onboarding
  • Automated Benefit Selection
  • ActivTrak Remote Work  Insights

Automate Time and an Attendance Tracking System

Manual time and attendance tracking, coupled with outdated time-sheets and human error, results in hidden costs that add up quickly. These costs become more prevalent when companies are spread across multiple sites, and have a mix of remote and on-premise employees. Luckily, HRi offers a cloud-based single sign-on solution and mobile app for time and labor management.

We’ve partnered with Synel Americas/Xactime to offer on-site time clocks, mobile punches, and PTO management. This system is perfect for companies looking for ways to reduce time-keeping stress, and for those who need an innovative way of tracking time.

Return on Investment:

  • Click here to view an estimate of how our solution can save time, money and increase overall organizational productivity.